Captains Ready To Wrestle



The Newport Harbor wrestling team had a great season this year under their two senior captains, David Santos (left) and Harrison Reich (right)! I even had an opportunity to interview David who went to the CIF finals and heard about his experience as a wrestler. He told me that being picked for captain “felt really great” because “[he] wasn’t expecting it” and “[he] was glad his teammates chose him out of all of the seniors.” David also told me that his favorite moment of the season was when he and his team “[woke] up at nine o’clock in the morning to go to a fundraiser” and that they “had a lot of fun bonding at the beach” together. Lastly, after being on the wrestling team for all four years of high school, he said that he learned that “it was really tough until [he] let [himself] think [he was] able to do it” and that the key to success “is all about mentality.” David and Harrison did a wonderful job in leading their team to many victories this season and one day their fellow teammates will take on the positions as captains, following in their footsteps. Until next season wrestlers!

Picture: Senior captains, David Santos (left) and Harrison Reich (right).

By Jillian Birt-Russell