Valentines Day Thoughts


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Valentines Day can either be viewed as a loving holiday or just a cheesy excuse to celebrate. We decided to ask students about their views on the holiday and compare their views. First, we asked the girls perspectives, one of which was Betsy Calder, a sophomore, shared her thoughts with us on Valentines Day. 27396328-d528-47d0-ad0e-311d846f17e5

She said that it is anything but a cheesy holiday and she loves all aspects about it. Her favorite part about Valentines Day is the flowers and bouquets that are gifted. Betsy believes that everyone in a relationship should celebrate Valentines Day!

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Another sophomore, Maddie Ciano, believes that Valentine’s Day “would be great if everyone had a significant other. But seeing as that is obviously not the case, Valentine’s Day seems to be a commercialization opportunity for most restaurants and stores. It is a great money-making opportunity and if you love someone you should show it to them everyday and not just on February 14.”  Well said, that’s right, you should show your significant other that you care for them everyday. If you don’t have a Valentine, then just hang out with friends. In the photo, Ciano is pictured on the RIGHT with a friend.

Written by: Jordan Golden & Kate LaGrandeur