Kicking it Off


Although season has not officially started for the JV girl’s soccer team, they have already played a number of games for their pre-season. Sophomore player, Sammy Kerrigan, describes the first few games, “We were not getting the results we wanted and that made it tough to keep a good morale, but this team has been able to be positive and because of that I think we are improving. Even though the beginning games have not been what most of us expected, we are continuing to get better.” Despite the lack of results, joining the soccer team has opened up the opportunity for the girls to make new friendships. Another Sophomore player, Sarah Sheldon, says “Whether or not we win or lose, getting to play alongside my new and old friends is really fun. Since this is my second year on the team I get to play with some of the people I became friends with from being on the Frosh-Soph team. Also we plan to do a lot of team bonding this year that I am looking forward to.” When January comes around the girl’s JV team will be ready for the upcoming season.