Teachers Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving this week and the most wonderful time of the year on its way, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! It’s also a great time to cherish everything and everyone you have in your live, so we went and asked some of the staff of NHHS about what they are most thankful for! Here’s what they said:
“I am thankful for family, friends, wonderful books and good food.” – Mrs. Pogue, English
“I’m thankful for my family’s health.” – Mr. Constandse, Science


“I’m thankful for my awesome students. I love them very much.” – Mrs. Albitar, Foreign LanguageĀ 
“I’m thankful for my family, friends, health, functions and graphing.” -Mrs. O’Leary, Math

There are so many wonderful things to be grateful for this holiday season! We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!!