Look for Cook!


a4e3c1c3-40fa-4c1b-aae0-581d3881a355For the first time ever, YMCA’s Youth and Government program hosted its first conference of the year in Fresno, California. For those of you who don’t know, Youth and government is a nationwide high school program that allows students to run a model government. Along with numerous delegations from across the state, the Newport Harbor delegation attended with flying colors. In addition to Newport Harbor’s delegation bearing a significant increase of delicates this year, its very own Kabele Cook ran for the programs secretary of state. The secretary of state is responsible for being in charge of elections, and is the programs spokesperson thus constitutes that position as the second highest in command. “I chose this role because it’s a very physical role within Youth and Government and I really wanted the opportunity to speak in front of the entire program” said Kabele Cook. Unfortunately Cook’s ‘Look for Cook’ slogan and campaigning skills didn’t cut it against her competitors. However, Cook will still go on to play an important role as the Department of finance’s Deputy Director which will put her in charge of not only 75 delicates but also allows her to present their proposal on what the California State budget should be. The Newport Harbor delegation is very proud of her and as for the rest of our Newport Harbor delicates, we’ll see you next conference!