Got Halloween Costumes?


Halloween is one of the very few nights in which we are able to dress up as whatever or who ever we like and get candy for doing so.  From detailed makeup looks, to crazy clothing, the costume possibilities are endless.  There’s the pumpkin carvings, terrifying decorations, to even just watching scary movies in honor of Halloween. Let’s be honest though, what we mostly care about for Halloween are the costumes. There are the types of costumes that will haunt our dreams from that day forth, to creative costumes that when you first gaze upon it you don’t understand what you are looking at until they explain the concept to you. To help get into the Halloween spirit we asked students on campus what they are planning on being for this Halloween.

Stephanie Ramirez- I asked around the students of Newport Harbor to see what they were going to be for Halloween this year. I asked Joellez Lopez what she was going to be and she said that “she was going to be Stacy from an Extremely Goofy Movie” since the movie was a favorite of hers.


  • I then proceeded to ask her what plans she had for Halloween to show off this costume which she then replied that she was going to trick or treat and how it did not matter how scary a house looked “if it had candy [she] was there.”

I also asked Anthony Agama what he was going as for Halloween and he answered by telling me his plans to “be blackmail by dressing in all black and having mail attached” which was meant to show his download (6)creativity. I also asked him what his plans were for the Halloween to which he responded that every year on Halloween he “trick or treats and [he] tries to fill a pillowcase of candy. [He] also likes to go with friends and walk around the haunted houses nearby and walk in the mazes and just have fun and enjoy the night.” He makes a great point that even though costumes are a big part of Halloween it’s also about enjoying yourself no matter what you are wearing.

Jordan Golden- Another creative costume idea was dressing up as the “Taylor Swift Squad”. Commonly referred to as “squad goals” (pictured from left to right), Hannah Hobrecht, Juliana Martinez, Holly Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.08.49 PMTaylor_Swift_Bad_BloodNance, Blake Ling, and Sara Grams imitated this talented group of celebrities featured in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video . Hobrecht was Selena Gomez, Martinez was Gigi Hadid, Nance was Taylor Swift, Ling was Zendaya, and Grams was Karlie Kloss.