Club Rush is an annual tradition that invites clubs just beginning or long established to advertise there clubs. Club rush is truly a rush of people running around looking at all the poster and tables put up by different clubs. The tables are elaborately decorated and usually adorned with a bowl of candy in order to entice the students, even though some students only came to get some extra credit from their teachers. Whether they wanted to be there or not there were close to 300 students swarming around tables in a confined space, shouting and campaigning and club leaders forcing putting stickers on an arm or a back of a student passing by. There were many impressive clubs present at Club Rush, but a few stood out above the rest.
Stand Up to Cancer was one of the stand outs. It is led by junior Chandler Simonsma. Although this was there inaugural year they had big plans for the year. They plans help get the students and the school involved and aware of cancer. They also planned to raise money to find a cure. They only have 2 members at the moment they are part of the Stand Up to Cancer foundation, which is a nationwide organization. Stand Up to Cancer meets ever Tuesday.
Another stand out was Becketts Buddies. The goal of Brecketts Buddies is to, “spread awareness of cystic fibrosis and to get more people involved,” said president, junior Trudy Padden. She was inspired to start this club after a child from her neighborhood was diagnosed with this disease. They fundraise and spread awareness of this terrible disease. Every year they do a walk at Angel Stadium supporting the cure for cystic fibrosis. They meet once a month.
There were too many amazing clubs that it was difficult to narrow it down to only a few stand outs. The impressive amount of students that put so much time and effort into there club was astounding. Club Rush is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get involved in their school in some way or another.