Freshmen’s Views on the First Week of School

Freshmens Views on the First Week of School

We all remember our first week of High School: the nerves on the first day, the excitement of seeing our friends, and the anticipation of meeting our new teachers. I remember my first day of school, waiting outside my first period class refusing to accept the fact that summer was over. Walking in, I saw some familiar faces but many new ones. Each year, new freshmen join the Newport Harbor community, funneling in from various schools with different experiences, but all of them, in turn, are welcomed with open arms to become sailors.

We talked to some of the current freshmen to find out their opinions on the first week of school. Some aspects we discussed with them included; the amount of homework they had this year in comparison to last year, their feeling on the block schedule, and how they enjoyed the back to school dance.

Wynn Dietzler, who attended Ensign last year, commented on the amount of homework she has this year compared to last year saying that “because we have two days to do it, it seems like less.” She participates in the dance 3 class and really enjoys it.

IMG_2205-1Brian Bailey, who comes from Carden Hall and is a member of the Newport Harbor Football team, mentioned that the class sizes are much bigger than he is used to, and “since the classes are so long, we just do most of our homework in class.” He also brought up the common problem faced by most freshmen, that “it was a little hard finding my way at first.”

The Back to School Dance is the first of many high school dances to be attended by freshmen. Lauren Dewan, who is the on the junior varsity field hockey team, told us that she went with her team, and “it was really fun cause we all dressed up together and it was team bonding. We went as goths.” This dance is a great opportunity to get together with friends and come up with matching costumes to wear