Practice Pays Off


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All of our sports teams kept up their practicing over the summer break. For football, all their hard work paid off with a 44-0 blowout against Eisenhower at Davidson Field on September 3rd. Senior and wide receiver/defensive back, Jack Rapillo, described practices preparing for the season as “really intense” and it involves “a lot of conditioning and working on technique.” Jamie McNeil scored the first touchdown giving Newport Harbor a lead. Rapillo scored twice in the first quarter increasing Newport’s lead to 21-0. He claimed, “it was really, really fun.” Rapillo is looking forward to “just doing really well and getting into Sunset League.”

Our stands were filled with cheering fans. That spirit was kept up by our Pep Squad. Senior and Pep Squad Captain, Kendall Burnand, described her role as “very difficult” and “a lot of responsibility.” She kept her team in shape over summer by preparing for football season, rallies and competitions. Cheer summer practices “can be very tiring and time consuming, but they help build our team, and it allows us to bond before school even starts,” said Kendall. Their routines and cheers at the game displayed all of their hard work. Kendall is looking forward to the Battle of the Bay and Homecoming games, but “is also really excited for competition season, because [she] really loves [their] routine. Marcus (the Pep Squad’s professional choreographer0 put together a really great one this year.”