2015 Campus, Class, and Teacher Changes


FullSizeRender-3      School is back in session and along with that there are a lot of exciting new changes for the 2015-2016 school year! With new teachers, new classes and exciting campus changes we are all in store for an excellent school year here at NHHS.




                                                    New Staff here at Newport Harbor:  


Ms. Via is our new ASB advisor. Additionally she will be teaching ROP TV/Film. Ms. Via has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and has masters of art degree from Claremont College. She was also an ASB advisor at Foothill High School in Tustin. There she taught FullSizeRender-2yearbook, journalism, and art making her a valuable addition to our already talented group of staff.

Mrs. Calderon is a new counselor here on campus. She will be counseling all of our IB students. With the addition of Mrs. Calderon we now have 7 counselors! We are so lucky to add another amazing counselor to our counseling staff.

Mr. Shaw is our new IB Business teacher. He has attended IB training, was a former parent of our school, and he will also coach with our school football team. We are so lucky to have him here at Harbor!

Mr. Peterson is our new Social Science teacher. He is filling in for Mr. Daniels who is expected to return later in the school year. Mr. Peterson has worked at Estancia High School and has even worked at Harbor! Welcome back to Newport Harbor High School Mr. Peterson.

Dr. Albitar is our new World Language teacher. Dr. Albitar was born in Czechoslovakia and at the age of 12 moved to Barcelona, Spain. She completed medical school and has been a pathologist up until two years ago.  Her children are all either in medical school or have already graduated from medical school. This will be her first year of formal teaching. Dr. Albitar has always wanted to teach and we are so glad she has the opportunity to teach and share her knowledge with the students of Newport Harbor High School.

Mrs. Patterson is our new ROP Culinary teacher. She will be teaching two ROP Culinary classes, putting us at an astounding number of 8 culinary classes here at Harbor! Mrs. Patterson has helped with our Newport harbor high school culinary program for the past few years.

Mr. Murphy is our new assistant principal for the time being. Mr. Murphy is Newport Harbor alumni and is a former teacher and administrator. We are so glad to have him here at Harbor!

Ms. Kruse is our new attendance technician. Our previous attendance technician, Mrs. Carron, is currently at Costa Mesa High School. Ms. Kruse comes to us from Costa Mesa High School and we are so glad to have her here at Harbor.

Mrs. Hoyt is a fill in counselor for Mrs. Mabry who had her first child and is on maternity leave until October.  Mrs. Hoyt is an experienced counselor for the NMUSD district and we are so lucky to have her for the time being before Mrs. Mabry returns.

Ms. Rettew is a new tennis coach here at Harbor! She was formerly a coach for Sage High School’s tennis team and will now be coaching our JV team. Former JV coach, Coach Danielle will be filling in as the Frosh-Soph coach, also a new addition to Newport Harbor!




   Changes being made to Newport Harbor’s campus: 


Davidson Field Construction is an all-year project that is estimated to be completed in August of 2016. It will have features such as:

  • Big “NH” on the field
  • An all-weather track
  • New and improved facilities
  • More to come!

Currently we are trying to raise money for a new practice field at Harbor for Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, etc. Our goal is to have all these teams practicing on campus so they don’t have to travel to other fields, such as Harper to practice. This redone practice field will cost about 3.4 million dollars and have features such as:

  • Home and away team room
  • Restrooms and Concessions on each side
  • New Turf and lights


New classes for the 2015-2016 School Year: 


ROP Sports Medicine is a University of California approved laboratory science course. NHHS is currently running two sections of this class, being taught by our very own athletic trainer, Ms. Beaver!

International Baccalaureate (IB) Astronomy is an IB and UC approved course. Mr. Brazelton will be teaching this course, hoping to put to work elements of his masters’ degree from Mississippi State University in Astronomy.

Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Spanish Literature is an AP/IB class being taught by new, but very experienced, Dr. Albitar!

Yoga is a newly available class here at Harbor. Mrs. Cirina, who has attended Yoga certification training this summer, will be offering three sections of this class.

Competitive Sailing will be presented to the NMUSD Board for approval on September 8. Tryouts will take place in the fall. NHHS is ready to prove that we are seasoned Sailors!